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Complete one-stop service

We have a large and comfortable exhibition hall

Our large exhibition hall has a simple and modern design space, so that our customers have a comfortable environment to work with us when they visit our collection every quarter.

We have a senior R&D team

Our team is able to handle various ideas in the development process with customers and provide customers with production solutions. To name a few, we are able to produce fancy sweaters, fine woven designs, combined with needle woven styles.

Complete one-stop service

We provide customers with a complete service from the implementation of their initial design concept to the completion of the product, including providing surface accessories collection, clothing development, manufacturing, export, and delivery services.


Our group was established in 1992 and includes our offices in Hangzhou, Montreal, Canada and Paris, France. We are located in a knitting and woven weaving factory in Hangzhou area. Francis has accumulated decades of experience and has now developed into a full-service team from development, manufacturing, sales to the export of customers' goods. We are a creative, experienced and responsible team. Our own factory, Hangzhou Francis Fashion Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, about 2 hours' drive from Shanghai. Our factory has both knitting and woven equipment and has about 176 employees. For knitting equipment, we have 70 computerized flat knitting machines and 80 connecting machines, with a monthly output of about 100,000 pieces. For woven equipment, we have 52 sewing machines for making knitting and knitting combined garments, as well as the arrangement of some small orders. With the elements of advanced equipment, the stable cooperation between the supplier and us. We can provide customers with good and stable quality order production. We have passed all the specified factory inspection requirements of our customers. We have passed the UL factory inspection of North American customers and the BSCI factory inspection of our European customers. All these will ensure that our customers will provide good service with the best quality and timely speed. Our customers in North America include Mens Wearhouse, Jos A Bank, Johnston & Murphy, K&G, Moores, Twinhill, Stein Mart, James Tattersall, Simons, Laura, Melanie Lyne, Sears. In Europe, our clients include Sud Express, Mossimo Dutti, Kooples, Caroll, Claudie Pierlot, Maje and Adolfo, just to name a few.




We can provide customers with good and stable quality order production

  • Train services

    We provide services from your clothing sketch concept until the clothing production is completed and shipped to your designated foreign warehouse distribution location. Our team is very experienced in

  • Our goal

    Our goal is to provide the best customer service and products. Through direct communication with customers, our team will do the best consideration for our customers in all directions, and help them to achieve successful sales.

We are not only a factory but also a service team, with more than 500 experienced talents. We stand side by side with our customers on our products. Our independent team and our factory have the same goal: to provide our customers with better services. Therefore, quality assurance, best price and punctual delivery are our advantages. Our R&D team visits all major fabric/yarn exhibitions throughout the year to ensure that we have the most updated fashion trends and price sensitivity, so that our customers' designs can be produced at a competitive price and with good quality. Our production team can communicate with customers in fluent English to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality, timely and accurate services. We strictly control the production and packaging process, and conduct at least 3 inspections during the production process to ensure that the garment production meets the required standards. Good communication and work attitude distinguish us from most other competitors. You will find that we are very easy to cooperate, which can save you a lot of time and money. You don’t have to sacrifice your sleep for better prices. Although we can't say it is perfect, we can ensure that you have a good quality of life by cooperating with us and reduce the worry about production quality. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and products. Through direct communication with customers, our team will do the best consideration for our customers in all directions, and help them to achieve successful sales.

Our advantage







Whether it is product quality or pre-sales and after-sales service guarantee, Francis is far ahead in the industry

Why choose us?

We have a good attitude, the best price, the best speed and service. When you choose to cooperate with us, you are buying goods directly from the factory, and at the same time enjoying the complete service of a middleman. Our westernized business mentality will save you a huge headache.

24-hour consultation hotline:

Multiple quality system certification

What do we have?

Our own factory and service team, 3 factories: owned and managed by us, this includes a knitting factory (capable of producing sweaters with all stitches), a circular knitting factory, a woven factory, and a service team: owned and managed by us, and Our factory also provides all the services you need.

Where are we located

The most convenient and beautiful area in China Factory: Hangzhou suburbs (180 kilometers south of Shanghai) Service and Quality Office: Hangzhou suburbs Environment: China's most mature clothing production system, covering fabrics, dyeing, printing, accessories and finishing. Overseas offices: Montreal and Paris

Who is on our team?

Our management team: well received professional education, dedication and integrity. The main difference between our company and most other competitors in China is the mentality. Our president received higher education and a doctorate degree in Canada. The company adopts western-style management and requires every employee to be honest and efficient in dealing with people and things. Our customers: well-known retailers in North America and Europe.

Company business: since 1987

When is the best time to start cooperation with us: now

Four major service advantages


Partner, responsible fashion ethical pioneer brand





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